England | September 2019
It is done
Random Britts about Brexit.
On my way from Londen City to a wedding someplace in Cornwall I find myself in wonder how little of much apart Britain will be positioned from Europe in the short foreseeable time. She is Dutch, and he is British, both hypnotized in the midst of a flair of love that will be shared in ritual with family and friends. We will drink, and we will dance, celebrating by and large the unification of men regardless of ethnicity or differences. As people thrive, love selects randomly. Though can not hold on to love, by trying so, it will slip away. It is truly unaware of thoughts and identity.

Millions of years before, the chunk of land, once connected to the mainland of Europe had slowly moved away into the Atlantic to become an autonomous land with its own set of rules regarding natural evolution and much later the colonization of the first megalithic settlers. As the primitive marks of those first hunter-gatherer societies are still to be enjoyed, one stands in awe before the giant monoliths composing the henges, wondering about their functionality. Human landscaping as an extension of men attempts to make sense of eternal motions both cosmic and local. 

These ancient inventions of time form maps of our place in the universe planned and executed by our ancestors to gather unified in forms of ritual, in light and darkness, where shadows play their defining part. Through collaboration, these endeavors themselves have intrinsically given shape to these societies. What can one produce when time is to spare as extra time is a by-product of work, growing efficiency, and innovation itself?
Never ever in history has innovation led to lesser work. Never ever, has a society been finished. Giving form to identity and reshaping sovereignty is what has driven the so-called ‘Brexiteers’ arguments. To me, it sounds insignificantly old-fashioned to have installed strong authority over the nation-state’s identity and somewhere dissonant to contemporary cultural evolution in these times of increasing connectivity on a global scale. To me, it seems local or regional identities are dissolving more into a global ‘oneness’ of human diversity in full acceptance. When states grow more protectionist in nature, stagnation of the nation itself emerges. Like a human can’t survive for long alone, nations can’t either. Those patterns of collectivity are recursive throughout time and space as if the Megalithic monuments have been erected also to share with future generations the necessary truth of collectivism.

Whatever ‘will happen’ when Britain will enter this phase of protectionism, we’ll have to continue finding and giving shape to a means to grow connectivity and the sharing of traits and qualities regardless of political indifferences collectively. Which leaves us with the question: How do we carry the game of order and chaos forward in time? The earth is in essence a spaceship, and each individual grows out of it as a temporary guest borrowing everything. As a natural species, we are trapped in this system with narrow changes to do this elsewhere in space. As all are included, one can never be excluded, like no one is able to claim to be alone together. With this picture series of both portraits and places, I have randomly stumbled upon characters and asked them what they think or feel about Brexit.

‘‘Is this really what those young boys and girls have been fighting for?’’
- Jaime

‘Oh that stuff, don't know much about it, but who does?’’

- Tamlin

‘‘We only know people that have voted to stay in the European Union, where are all the Brexiteers?’’

- Martin & Claire

‘‘Is this really the right time to reinvent the wheel as a means for progression?’’

- David

‘‘Oh, that’s just silly, they should
call it Brexshit!
- Lorien

‘‘We will never leave ‘cause apples without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze’’ 
- Steven

‘‘Deal or no deal, Britain will stay in Europe…’’
- Ellis

“Someone is going to get very rich off this, just follow the money…’’

- Robin

‘‘Brexit is just plain boring, really boring. The Scottish will still hate the English and the English the Scottish.’’

- Gregg

‘‘Young people think about the environment and the rest have their heads in the Brexit clouds. Most politicians don’t understand what is happening in the real world’’

- Leo

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